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Nursing schools by major:

Registered Nursing: 2,068 schools
Practical Nursing: 1,375 schools
Nursing Administration: 296 schools
Nursing Sciences: 332 schools
Clinical Nursing: 214 schools
Surgical and Anesthesiology: 84 schools
Psychiatric Nursing: 68 schools
Geriatric Nursing: 41 schools
Family Practice: 248 schools
Maternal and Neonatal: 45 schools
Pediatric Nursing: 45 schools
Nursing Assistance: 683 schools

Nursing schools by diploma:

Certificates: 1,715 schools
Associate's Degrees: 1,286 schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 1,059 schools
Master's Degrees: 610 schools
Doctoral Degrees: 297 schools

Nursing schools by region:

Northeast: 485 schools
Midwest: 699 schools
South: 1093 schools
West: 489 schools
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